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Hey , whats up. Masum Ahmad here for . And welcome to another exciting After Effects Animation. Today I am going to show You these Glass Orbs. I don’t know what they are. But perhaps they could hold a Galaxy and that Galaxy could be protected by Tom Cruise somehow. Any way I don’t know if they work or not. But it’s always exciting to show You all my exciting animations. If You are creating some sorts of actual glob for news promo or something like that than this animation is idle for You. Well I hope You will enjoy this animation. And be sure to check out the blog at ( ). My name is Masum Ahmad and I will see You next time. Actually I will see You proverbially after 14th February in 2010. …. .’s like the future. Maybe I can use this as a crystal ball. aah.. Never mind. By the Way follow me on Twitter &
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